About the Biodynamic Craniosacral Session 

What does the session looks like? 

​​​​​As B.C.S.T. practitioners we emphasize the establishment of a safe and comfortable atmosphere where clients are able to express their full potential to heal.
For the best result, it is important for me to know "how you are" during the Craniosacral session, I will check in briefly time to time.
All the appointments are scheduled for an hour. Craniosacral sessions are approximately 40-45 minutes hands on. You will rest on a massage table, fully clothed.
The remaining time will be based on a consultation to gather information on your health history, life resources and intentions around your healing and growth.​​

Working with babies and children

Children respond well to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy., because its approaches are gentle, non-invasive, and non-manipulative.​​​

Often children are very intune with themselves and have a great awareness about things around them.  In order to make sessions as effective as possible, It is very important for me to build a trustworthy relationship with each child to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
The session will involve a lot of "play time", as such, parent participation will be required more with Toddlers. I suggest bringing along a child's favorite toy or other personally meaningful item such as: books, blanket or stuffy animals etc.. *Minimize electronic toys or devices please.

For infants, usually mom can hold her baby in her arms and I will work on both baby and mom together at the same time. Especially in the early stage of our life, the attachment between baby and mom is so strong, I understand the tremendous benefits of working with both baby and mom together.

Most of the time, child will fall into deep relaxation or sleep during treatment, but, sometimes, in the nature of the healing process, it may stir things up in their system and make children/babies uncomfortable for a little while. This is quite natural when it happens. It is because their system is healthy enough to do so and it is quite normal response in B.C.S.T. or any other healing modalities.

.              Conditions which can benefit from B.C.S.T
・Breastfeeding difficulties・Colic・Reflux・Constipation
・Sleep issues・Distress/crying・Difficulty settling・Irregular head shape・Shock/overwhelm or discomfort resulting from:
・Premature birth・Caesarean birth・Assisted birth
・Separation from parents

​Working with Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers 

Mothers experience tremendous change physically, emotionally, and mentally during and after pregnancy. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is recommended for adjusting to the changes created by pregnancy. It supports a mother and a baby to prepare for labour with strength, confidence and vitality. It also calms the nervous system of both mother and a baby, encouraging emotional bonding which can otherwise be short-circuited due to pre-natal and birth stresses and trauma.